About Hunt Management Company

HUNT MANAGEMENT COMPANY, a division of HUNT INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES, is operated by its owners, Mary and Harold Hunt. We offer full-service management of industrial and commercial properties.

Currently, HUNT MANAGEMENT COMPANY manages approximately 300,000 square feet of industrial, commercial and office space, made up of multi-tenant and freestanding buildings. 

With offices strategically located in Bellflower in Los Angeles County and Cypress in Orange County, we are surrounded by the properties we manage and within easy access for our tenants and property owners.

More than 25 years have been spent building credibility and visibility in these communities, and we hold the distinction of having exceptional expertise in the area of leasing and managing industrial space.

HUNT MANAGEMENT COMPANY delivers full-service, hands-on property management by guaranteeing that each property managed is visited on a regular basis, each tenant is personally contacted as appropriate, and that every property managed by HUNT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shows pride-of-ownership.

We are equipped with both the staff, office facility and equipment necessary to keep accurate account of each and every aspect of our managed properties. We work very closely with the ownership of each of our properties by customizing monthly reports, adhering strictly to policy and procedure, handling all bidding processes and supervision of repairs/maintenance as well as tracking lease expirations and projecting future vacancies.

Because HUNT MANAGEMENT COMPANY is small and the management team owns the company, we are very accessible. Situations can be dealt with quickly and questions answered immediately. Due to the experience of the management team, we are able to implement a variety of procedures in management which have proven advantageous in the past.