Testimonials from our clients ... 

At Hunt Industrial Properties and Hunt Management Company, our number one goal is to provide to our clients the highest and best service possible. We are ready, willing and able to see every project to its final conclusion in a way that gives our clients confidence and comfort regardless the effort and time required. We do not stop until the job is done.

Here's what clients are saying, reprinted with their permission ...

 Dear George,

In a few days you will be receiving an announcement that I am resigning as Trustee of the Williams Marital Trust. That announcement will contain information on the new Trustee.

I want to reach out personally to you, George.

You have been invaluable over the years to me as Trustee and I consider you a friend. Your actions and advice have been professional, timely, and effective. Frankly  I am not sure what I would have done without you. You made it so much easier.

But, I have done this for nearly 20 years. I guess one could say I am getting selfish and just want to take care of my stuff. Over the years, you have made my job, as Trustee, so much easier.

George, I wish you nothing but the best in whatever your future holds. Take good care of yourself as there are not many around like you.

Best regards,



Dear George,

Many, many thanks for all of your considerate personal attention! Coming here to bring papers in person, presenting me with referrals for my taxes and (before I could mail this) your efforts on my behalf regarding my property problems!

I've already spoken with Carrie at Terri's office and shall Contact Doug B very soon. I'll keep you informed.

I'm extremely grateful for your kind and generous efforts.




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